The menu here is so extensive and flexible there is definitely something for everyone! Although the space isn't as aesthetically pleasing as a lot of other cafes, it is practical and once you're seated you'd probably won't want to leave with its speedy wifi and plugs all over.

I had a flat white (RM10), the tiny breakfast and an a la carte Pandan Chicken (RM8). The flat white was smooth but what really got my attention was the 'tiny breakfast' which in my opinion wasn't tiny but filling! The best part of the dish was the scrambled eggs which was just how I liked it, runny with a hint of cheese in it.

Also, the grilled succulent chicken was a value buy. It was seasoned well and had a hint of smokey flavour to it. Splash it with lime juice and the flavours come alive in your mouth.

Best part about this place? It's open 24/7. Serving food and drinks 24/7. Wifi 24/7.