First time trying Yan Xi Tang. The shop is located in a bakery shop and it could be easily missed if you walk passed it. The drinks in this shop is really unique!! I bought pistachio milk tea and mango roselle orange blue flower with lychee pop under the signature drinks and passion fruit orange fruit tea and peach mango fruit tea.

The pistachio milk tea is a definitely must-try! The mango roselle was a little too sweet for me. Love the flavour of the roasted pistachio. I didn’t try the fruit teas as those were for a friend.

The usual price of the signature drinks (L) is $5.80 while the fruit teas is around $4.70. With burpple, you pay $2.90 and $2.35 for a large cup of their signature BBT and fruit tea respectively. So it’s definitely worth it! Also, do note that you can’t choose the sugar level.

Ratings for drink: 4/5
Ratings for price: 5/5 (it’s more worth it using the burpple app)