Speaking of no more normal pancakes from my previous post, I clearly lied. We walked around Shibuya (or was it Harajuku? I forgot) and managed to find this cafe. There was a line, so we had to wait. Once we were seated, we immediately ordered this. Waited quite a bit and it arrived. Not as amazing looking as the soufflé pancakes we had back in Fleur Kyoto, but this is still good. Very fattening and unhealthy, if I may add. Look at the amount of whipped cream, it’s like Mount Fuji on its own alright. There was also a scoop of vanilla ice cream by the side if I remember correctly. We took the sour toppings (pineapple and stuff) so that it balances out the sweetness. Will we queue again for this? Yes.

P/S: I saw it in Singapore a week after I came back. I was so tempted to go..