I know its not the wisest decision to spend $6.30 on a bowl of laksa but Katong Laksa was literally my childhood, and I cannot lie and say that I don’t occasionally dream of it. Katong laksa is not the most affordably priced, but there are more exorbitant bowls out there. There’s something rich and creamy about the laksa broth, that gives a good spicy kick when you request for the addition of chilli. The already cut silky smooth noodles don’t require you to use a chopstick — so take mouthfuls of noodles, soup, and cockles all at the same time. The prawns were thin and measly, but being here a number of times, I wasn’t really expecting much from the ingredients here. Nonetheless, I’ll still come back for their pretty solid laksa broth and the nostalgia.


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