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I still remember it was in the January of the year 2013, I just POP-Ed from BMT and nicely the first event from Burpple was placed during the block leave of mine. The team always thank us for making burpple awesome, I would like to thank @burpple for making my life awesome. It was their monthly or quarterly events that I always look forward to in my army/uni life that kept me sane. They even made me a tastemaker when I'm just a normal guy who posts photos to burpple treating it like a food diary. I thank @burpple again for allowing me to meet fellow food lovers like @the_xw @alainlicious @veronicaphua @iamjaynedoe , all these awesome people makes my life really awesome. And again, thanks for making my ordinary life extraordinary. 2015 will be eve better! #burpple #artistry (burpple even taught me punctuality)