I'm impressed with the variety they have here. Apart from being able to curate your own salad bowl/wrap, their smoothie bowls are just as good too.

This time I tried their version of a vegetarian nasi lemak bowl (RM20.90 with tax etc). This turned out turned out to be so filling and delicious! Brown rice was used together with generous portions of pumpkin, mushrooms, cauliflower, a whole egg, tofu (I think), cashew nuts, cucumber, chips and alfalfa on top of it all. No sambal was used, instead, a curry-like sauce (not spicy) binded the dish as a whole.

I loved that cashew nuts was used and one thing that stood out was the cauliflower, which had a smoky taste to it which was unique! All in all, thoroughly enjoyed my meal. The prices may seem off putting at first but you get what you pay for (if not more).

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