Ordered the All-In which comes with a mix of chicken, beef, and seafood. You can choose a salted egg or ma la base, or a mixture of both, and the spiciness level you prefer. We went for level 2 as one in our group doesn’t take much spicy food.

This was bland. I couldn’t taste the salted egg nor the ma la in the first half of the dish. It was only until we reached the ingredients that had been marinating in the sauce all this while that a hint of the salted egg flavour emerged. The meats retained some spiciness, but no numbingness at all. Perhaps the only draw to this MLXG is their salted egg sauce (which wasn’t outstanding), and that it’s halal. Though we didn’t have to queue for this, I would not get it again. Stick to the permanent MLXG stalls for more consistent ma la.