Back for more MSW!

Date visited: 7/7/2018 (Sat, 9:30pm)

It is definitely much more crowded at 227 Katong Durian on weekends. There are a lot of people waiting in line (for takeaway). It is actually a lot faster to just dine-in.

All other varieties of durians were sold out by the time we reached. There’s only MSW left.

So we tried 3 MSW durians ($16/kg). Came up to 5.5kg ($80) and 1 MSW durian ($20/kg).

MSW durians... good as always. For the $16/kg ones, the level of sweetness/ bittersweetness varies across the different ones we got. Some are more sweet than bitter and some are more bittersweet than sweet.

The $20 prob tasted like the one where it is more a bit better that the one that is most bitter(sweet) but more fragrant and creamy. Thicker flesh definitely. So good!!!