Was walking around Plaza Singapura when I stumbled upon this open aired restaurant. Since I was craving for some noodle soup, I decided to give this Pho a try. Mind you, as someone who've been to borh Northern and Southern Vietnam and tried their authentic Pho, I have really high expectations of Pho. I ordered the Pho Australian Beef Slices & Balls. I was initially skeptical of it but wow the first sip of the broth blew me away. Don't be fooled by the clear or rather bland appearance of the broth - it was thin, nutritious and impossibly fragrant. The addition of Lime further enhanced the citric flavour of the otherwise already flavourful broth. The wheat noodles were soft, easy to chew and flavourful. Just wow! Although a little pricey than other Vietnamese restaurants selling at $12.90, this was the real deal and I would definitely come back for more.

I'd give this bowl a rating of 9/10! It was VFM!

instagram: @xxfoodievfm