[ Great flavours; multitude of drinks ] Having been a fan of Middle Eastern flavours since forever, and add on the dearth of said cuisine in my diet once the pandemic started, I was more than happy to follow the group’s suggestion to dine at Fat Prince, a modern Middle Eastern restaurant-bar concept!

While I was expecting traditional flavours, Fat Prince prefers to take a contemporary spin. For e.g., instead of large skewers of kebabs, you get a small plate’s serving paired with a taco-like wrap. It’s quite bite-sized but you do get a small selection of dips to enjoy it with (starts at $10).

But what I really wanted to try was their hummus (from $12) + flatbread ($4). We started off with the Sweet Corn Hummus — which was excellent — and after that evaporated, we chose the Roasted Cashew Hummus to accompany our drinks for the rest of the evening. I personally preferred the corn for its sweet-savoury-spicy mix, but the walnut’s fuller body made it better for solo eating without the distractions of other dishes.

For our meat-protein main, we got the Wagyu Beef Cheek ($25/100g) to share 3-ways. Tender without being mushy, a light smoky crust courtesy of the earthen oven, with a mild tangy-spicy sear thanks to the fermented chilli and za’atar (a classic Middle Eastern spice blends; imo it tastes like thyme). The chilli’s acidity helped cut through a lot of the heavy flavours, and the pomegranate + walnut crumble further lightened the profile and added texture. If I weren’t so full, I’d have eaten more!

The true highlight of the night though was the Fried Cauliflower. (The Brussels Sprouts Fattoush was good but didn’t come close.) Ever had bad cauliflower? I have — it’s plain, monotonous, and incredibly uninspired. 0/10 would eat again. However, when done well, it’s one of my favs! The night’s rendition was beautiful: lightly crunchy, gently spiced, and all around nutty. I could not stop eating it. It didn’t matter that the green chilli dip had good heat; I was so taken by the original taste profile that I ignored the sauce for the rest of the plate! A must-get if you visit!

Oh, and if you like alcohol, Fat Prince has tons to offer. (Pst, they’ve a bar up front!)