Back in the Prohibition era in the 1920s, a speakeasy was known as a bar that illegally sold alcohol in the US. Today, bars in cities all over the world have adopted the retro, underground, mysterious feel of the speakeasy. Private Room is KL's first speakeasy-style wine bar, boasting the perfect ambience for those looking to wind down after work with great music, good friends, and a bottle or two (they do not sell wine by the glass). Run by wine enthusiasts who are quick to admit that drinking wine is "an expensive hobby”, this wine-centric bar allows you to enjoy an affordable bottle (RM100-200) from their impressive collection displayed from floor to ceiling. For tasty bar bites, share a serving of indulgent spam fries (RM15), or pair that gorgeous bottle of red with a Prosciutto Set with brie and walnuts (RM35). Private Room also has a fair share of wine-based cocktails like Little Bubbles (RM65) — an exotic fruity drink with floral aroma and light toasted oakiness for a paradise-esque drink — or the Mocking Mistress (RM35) for a more elegant, fresh drink with flavours of coconut, kiwi, mint and a hint of lemon zest! A night here can be a great escape from reality. In fact, there isn't even a signboard in sight. Instead, look for the yellow door beside Bowery Petit. Pro tip: make a reservation and they will also include the password to their door in your text message ;)