Banana leaf rice brings you to a few big names. Nirwana in Bangsar and Sri Devi... in Bangsar. Sri Ganapathi Mess is more of a hidden secret amongst the locals. The shop is safely tucked away in one of the small roads of PJ, hidden from those unfamiliar with the territory and going inside is even more intimidating. Rarely do you see people of any other race there and it's safe to say you better go with someone who knows the place. But once you do get in and get seated, be prepared for a world of suprise.

The curry at Sri Ganapathi Mess is definitely preferable compared to Nirwana which I find a little powdery. The crab curry is life changing and the rasem there is also made with crab which gives it a lot of flavour. Papadam is free (Nirwana charges RM 1 for extra) but the deep fried bitter gourd isn't as nice as Nirwana's. However still a nice place to go to all in all. It might seem a little intimidating at first. But the food is definitely worth the experience.