Made a trip done to Healthy Soba IKI recently with a couple of Burpple Tastemakers for a Burpple Tastemaker Eatup and tried a selection of their healthy buckwheat soba offerings — they have a menu that boasts quite a good mix of Japanese as well as locally inspired creations such as the Laksa Soba.

My personal favourites would be the Collagen Chicken Soba from the Local Signature section of the menu and the Avocado Kaisen Tororo Soba from the Cold section. The former was almost akin to eating chicken rice after the ginger is mixed into the collagen chicken soup base which is not overly rich; comes with a rather generous portion of poached chicken that is immensely tender and also chili oil for those who can't do without chili when having Hainanese Chicken Rice. The Avocado Kaisen Tororo is the crowd pleaser; marinated cubes of raw fish and a lightly savoury cold dipping sauce that is pretty good on its own. Dessert was pretty good — never thought that matcha would work well against strawberry but the Matcha Strawberry Pudding proved us wrong with the bitter aroma of Matcha complimenting and counters the tartness of the strawberries really well.

Thanks Healthy Soba IKI for hosting, and Burpple for the invite!