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Overall: 3/5 (Neutral), Food: 3.5/5, Service: 3/5, Budget: ~$20/$30 (per pax) // This is a restaurant under the Ministry Of Food. There's two different menu to choose from, Japanese and Western Cuisine. The western menu is similar to Aston's whereby you order a main dish with choice of single or two side dishes. (p.s: personally prefer Astons instead for the affordable pricing, however Lenas provides wider options on their menu). The Japanese menu is similar to a standard Japanese restaurant, all variety such as Ramen, Curry Rice, Toji Don to Set Meals and Shabu Shabu. The pricing ranges from $8.80 - $20++. It was a family dinner and we ordered Pan-Fried Salmon, Whole Chicken, Calamari Rings, Mushroom Soup and Soft Shell Crab Curry Rice. The western cuisine was served up fast, probably 10 minutes after we ordered. However, the Soft Shell Crab Curry Rice is nowhere to be seen. Hence, I went to check with one of the waiter regarding my food because it was taking too long (probably 20-25mins). Then, I came to realise that the waitress that took our order did not key into the order list. Of course, I was angry but another staff came to apologise and requested the kitchen to rush the order. It was another 10-15 minutes of waiting time. While I was waiting for my food, there seemed to be another incident happening with another customer regarding food order as the service staff were discussing loudly next to our table. I believe the overall service could be better improve because I'm not the only one experiencing the same issue, for example: the service staff that took our order could repeat the order again to confirm with us that our order is taken down correctly. Although there's a lot of guests, I guess it won't take much time to repeat the order to us again. I will probably visit other outlets if I have any special occasion to celebrate as the food was pretty okay. However, I wouldn't recommend it to my friends or colleagues. There's plenty of food options that has better price, food and service.