For years I’ve been a fan of the wonderful fresh bakes by “Dolcetto by Basilico”, so I was thrilled when @maria_hannah emailed me to say she was sending over a box of their newest pastries. By the looks of it, Executive Pastry Chef @_alex_chong of the @regentsingapore has clearly been busy because there were four different items in all and each was truly impressive; more so when you take into consideration their affordable price points.
What completely blew my socks off was the La Sfogliata Al Caramello ($18). Three days is how long it takes to make this large, round creation with its 81 layers of buttery #pastry dough. A time-consuming task no doubt but that’s how its ethereal lightness is achieved. With a hidden heart and dollops of salted caramel milk chocolate ganache, plus a crown of toasted hazelnuts, this is an outrageously good bake you should not miss.