A little Japanese shop which have a simple decoration of various food pictures to tempt you into their home that was tinted outside to reveal a little Japanese hide out with the layout of a ramen or BBQ shop that had endless bottles of sake displayed on the countertop while behind it you can see those chefs belting out delicious morsels of food to their customer which do resembles what you have seen in Tokyo.. This place does offer ala carte and set lunch menu in a reasonable pricing and currently they do have a laminated page of new BBQ offerings which seems not very helpful on its own, better to get the server to help with the explanation.. So for lunch I had the pleasure in trying out the Handmade udon in tonkatsu broth which to my surprise came in a rather petite bowl and the portion of it leaves you room for more BBQ treats that ranges from A5 wagyu to foie gras and even tentacles being BBQ with teriyaki sauce.. The broth is actually rather 1 dimensional being its too creamy and buttery with some flavour of the corn.. Very clear flavours but not much on the porky flavours that you always get from the Bankara or ippudo.. The udon was quite springy and silky smooth.. Well it's quite petite for Rm9 bowl of noodles