This massive pizza slice-esque sandwich cost $8.90 and 370 calories. I absolutely appreciate it when menus have calorie counts; it helps me really be aware of what I am eating.

Generously packed with smoked salmon and stuffed full of vegetables, the flavor of the sandwich was further elevated with red onion and capers and a smear of cream cheese. All the toppings were mounted on glorious crunchy slices of multigrain bread. It tasted really healthy and balanced.

Topped up $5 for a cream of mushroom soup and iced Americano. The soup was really bad actually; cold with a curiously gloopy texture. My dining partner and I shared a chocolate tart and that wasn't nice as was rich and chocolatey but also astoundingly dry (especially the crust which was crumbly) . But it came with some brownie toppings and that saved the dessert.

All in all, I would come back for the sandwiches if I needed a quick low-calorie snack to fuel a workout. But even then, the price point is rather high.