The White Restaurant's signature dish is their white seafood beehoon (白米粉) which attracts foodies nationwide to make the long and inconvenient trek up north. I was in fact surprised to learn that J has been there before and loved the dish. They have since opened several outlets islandwide but we decided to drop by as we were in the area.

The beehoon themselves are full of flavours. My recommendation is to squeeze the lime provided over the beehoon as the zesty and citrus notes of the lime will elevate the taste of the beehoon which has soaked in the natural sweetness of the seafood and the smoky wokhei. The dish is also topped with generous portions of prawns, squid and eggs. The broth is undoubtedly the star of the show. It is thick, bold and yet clean. I like that they pack the broth separately when you do a takeaway as it ensures that your beehoon do not become dry and soggy.

My verdict is that this is well worth the trip up north!