Booked reservation on a public holiday dinner time.

Placed is not fully packed but decent amount of people.

We ordered the AU Ribeye 200g Chargrilled medium rare with baked potato and chopped green salad and NZ Striploin 250g Steakhouse Chargrilled medium rare with parmesan asparagus and cream parmesan spinach. Both of the dishes arrived around 25-30 minutes.

The cut was cooked to perfection with the juiciness of the meat still intact and the marbling is visibly clear. The meat is not too tough and decently tender. Although the fat of the meat can be tough to chew as it requires 10-15 times.
I like the asparagus as it is crunchy and the seasoning of the flavour is just right. The cream spinach was slightly off and wasn’t to my liking. I will probably skip that next time.

The ribeye was juicy and decent amount of fat to meat ratio. The potato could be softer as it is quite hard. The salad is not bad, refreshing and light. It comes nicely together with the sauce.

Overall, it is value for money whenever you want to get your steak fix as you are paying for a decent steak with an affordable price point.

Will definitely revisit again 😊

P.S one of the waiter recorded one of the side dish wrongly and I immediately sound out to them. They were quick to react to ensure that they do not cook the wrong cut of steak (which in this case it is not). Good job in terms of their service.


-1 for baked potato (hard) and cream spinach (not to personal preference)