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There are two stalls selling char kway teow in Tiong Bahru Food Centre, and they're just a couple of stalls away from each other. In the red corner, we have Tiong Bahru Fried Kway Teow on the orange plate, and in the blue corner, we have the simply and unimaginatively named Fried Kway Teow•Fried Oyster on the white plate.

It was pretty much a no contest, the white plate won easily with its obscene amounts of wok hei and flavors. It was more egg-laden than its challenger, and every mouthful was a sapid mess of sweet, salty and absolutely bloody delicious.

Tiong Bahru's char kway teow wasn't as massive on the wok hei and was rather sweet. It may satisfy some, but it just couldn't stand up to the flavor juggernaut that is Fried Kway Teow•Fried Oyster's rendition of this classic hawker treasure.