Price was really reasonable cause we came on a Friday dinner. The staff here were really nice and the uncles and aunties were pleasant. Thumbs up for them.

The food was okay... nothing fantastic. We were quite surprised to see slices of salmon being offered but that ran out really quickly and was replaced by pepperoni slices instead. Prawns were small sized, they were ok. Soup for the hotpot was really flavourful. Meat was well marinated, for example the black pepper pork belly slices did the trick for me.

Overall was a very greasy experience (it is mookata la after all) and you can make it a better experience by buying a lime juice tower from the drinks store aunty at $6.90 (that’s 1.5L! Really worth, and you can share around with your friends throughout the meal). Didn’t eat too much cause it takes time to cook and there’s not much cooking space on a mookata for 90 minutes. Don’t come here expecting to eat a lot, but it’s fine for a cheap buffet-mookata experience. Will only come back with Burpple.