✨Aburi Salmon Don✨
The cucumber tasted really raw. Maybe they should have diced it instead and drizzle a little soy sauce on it to fit well with the salmon. The salmon was chewy and slightly seared for a burnt taste. That grilled taste gives a smoky flavour to this refreshing dish. However, the salmon was a little too chewy as it took a few extra bites before swallowing. The vinegared rice was amazing! I love these kind of japanese rice where they soak it with vinegar and soy sauce! It especially blends very well with the uncooked salmon and wasabi on the side👍🏻

💰: $13
📈: 8/10

✨Salmon Teriyaki Don✨
The salmon was seared and cooked beautifully. It was also slightly drizzled with teriyaki sauce, giving it a little sweet and tangy flavour. The salmon itself was also tender and not dry, despite it being fully cooked. The rice was the same as the previous bowl; moistened with soy and vinegar. Hence, this bowl of rice did not feel dry at all.

💰: $12
📈: 9/10

💸Total damage for 2 pax: $15 with a drink (because of Burpple!💜)