I enjoyed Prata Alley’s bee hoon goreng Ikan bilis and kway teow goreng seafood so thought I would try the other dishes on its menu. But my latest encounter with Prata Alley proved to be rather uneventful. I ordered the mutton chop and sardine murtabak this time. The murtabak looked rather unappealing when I opened the packet as it lacked the golden brown colour normally seen on murtabak. I had hoped the flavours would make up for the lack of aesthetics. Unfortunately the sardine filling was completely bland to the point of I could hardly even taste the sardine. All I could taste was the thick doughy texture of the murtabak. They should have added sliced red chili to the sardine filling to make it more palatable. Maybe they should take a leaf out the sardine epok epok’s book where the sardine filling is usually moist and spicy with onions and red chili. The mutton chop in the pic looked a mess because it was completely concealed by the blanket of fries and I had to dredge up the mutton for the purpose of this pic haha. The fries were obviously piled on top to retain its crispness. The dish also came with a sunny side up egg, cucumber and tomato slices. This was my first time trying mutton chop and I found it too gamey for my tastebuds. This was rather surprising to me as I love western style lamb chops. Maybe I should stick to the rice and noodle dishes at Prata Alley next time.