In my opinion, Classified Chicken is the best flavour from Domino’s Pizza. Cheesy, creamy, with chunks of chicken. There’s just something irresistible about it that makes me go back for another slice and another.

I was craving pizza so I ordered 4 from Domino’s Pizza, with their promo of $22 for 2: Smoky Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza, Hawaiian Paradise, Classified Chicken and the special Quattro Veggie. (Do note that the 9 inch pizzas are not very big, so if you’re ordering for a hungry crowd, it may not be enough!)

On the whole, I’d say Domino’s pizzas are ok. They aren’t your gourmet artisan pizzas baked in a wood fired oven with premium ingredients, but hey, for the price you’re paying, it’s pretty decent.

🍕 Text and pics are nice, but if you wanna see a video, watch my full review of Domino’s on YouTube now! 🍕

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