Now, back to the more pressing issues at hand, like @sakabaigokochi Unagi Pressed Sushi ($19++). Carb-laden dishes like rice & noodles are crucial to every Japanese izakaya thanks to the alcohol munchies. However, Sakaba Igokichi has shied away from the usual donburis (rice bowls) and ramen in favour of pressed sushi, udon & yakisoba.⠀

A half dozen massive wedges of unagi pressed sushi are arrayed on an equally massive plate, and the sense of scale is certainly not quite captured in this photo. Each piece of pressed sushi is a two biter minimum, and both are pretty big bites. The nicely grilled unagi has been glazed with enough sweet & salty teriyaki to fully flavour it as well as the lightly vinegary rice. An oft overlooked but crucial component of a good sushi is for the rice to be served at room temperature instead of hot or cold, and Sakaba Igokichi has absolutely nailed this. The cherry tomato & sprinkling of spring onion bring a pop of freshness to this savoury, starchy sushi, and it’s just begging to be washed down with more sake.