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1. Chinese Noodles Stall
It is a common sight to see a never ending queue to this stall that offers no frills, economic noodles. The popular dishes are the dumpling noodles and pork rib noodles, all at a starting price of $2.30! .
The noodles were still as bouncy and chewy as we remembered it to be and it absorbed the umami flavour of the soy-based sauce perfectly. The chilli sauce was not very spicy and added a nice shrimpy taste to the dish. The highlight of the dish, the pork ribs, were nicely flavoured as the meat was deeply penetrated by the marinade but it would be even better if the cartilages were softer. Lastly, the plump dumplings were stuffed generously with minced meat and prawn, and the skin was very smooth. .
2. Western Stall (Previously known as Salad Bar in the old canteen)
We went for the red wine vinaigrette chicken ($4.50) to relive our fond memory of this appetising dish. To be accurate, the sauce used for this dish seems to be a mixture of red wine vinaigrette and mushroom sauce working in harmony to give a sweet fragrance followed by a slight hint of sourness that matched the grilled meat really well. However, the chicken was a disappointment as they were not all consistent in texture and taste though the portion given was substantial. Most of them tasted overcooked and was slightly tough, while only one piece tasted juicy and had a nice crispy outer layer. .
3. Ayam Penyet Stall
The final must-try dish at the Frontier is the Ayam Penyet ($4.80) from the Uncle Penyet stall which we will implore you to forsake your dieting plans for. The deep fried, golden brown chicken leg, topped with fried batter crumbs served on a rattan weaved basket definitely brought back memories of the good old days. The standard of this dish is still maintained as the chicken leg has a nice, crispy outer layer and was tender on the inside. The fried tau kwa (pressed tofu) that accompanied it was equally well fried, was soft on the inside and had a very strong but enjoyable bean flavour to it.
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