Another chef recommended item on the appetisers menu at TRR, the portobello fries are basically strips of portobello mushroom fried in batter and served with garlic aioli. This was the first dish to arrive at our table and it was freshly prepared plus piping hot.

The batter here is a winner. It’s almost tempura-esque, but denser. I love the contrast in textures in the dry crispy batter and juicy portobello strips. Whatever herb blend they use, it imparts enough saltiness to the mix that you actually don’t need any dip. If you’re in the mood for dipping, the creamy garlic aioli provided complements the crisp batter well too. The fries are a little oily from deep frying, but they’re not dripping in oil and still bearable. The crispness of the batter still held up well even after the fries had cooled down, still super crunchy and satisfying!