Great selections of seafood at reasonable prices.
Dinner set was good at $78++ per pax.

Finally get to try out Empurau fish, the most expensive freshwater river fish which are considered so rare and tasty that they are referred to as "The Unforgettable Fish" (忘不了鱼) in Chinese.
However, the only thing that's unforgettable would be the price of $33/100g. This $800 fish doesn't taste as legendary as described on other websites.😤
#regret #empurau #notworthit #tooexpensive

Alaska King Crab is up to standard, juicy tender and all, but well, that's how they are supposed to be, nothing fanciful, no surprises, just plain boiled for the natural sweetness.
Food 9/10
Location 3/10
Ambience 4/10
Price 6/10
Service 3/10
Overall 5/10

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