Many thanks to a friend for introducing this to me, just tasting the noodles alone I’m sure I’ll be back again cause its really yummy!!

Here’s why:
✔️ Springy noodles, easily separated upon stirring 🍜
✔️ Flavour on the noodles evenly coated although there wasn’t any sauce. Big plus point!! 💯
✔️ Superb price points

Wanton mee comes in Regular, Large & Jumbo size. Shown here the bowl in white is Regular, the black bowl Jumbo. It’s the original version, there’s also black sauce version.

Every bowl comes with fried wanton, char siew, sweet thai pork sausage and the greens.

Ordered a separate plate of savoury pork sauce and I wasn’t enjoying it as much after I’ve eaten the noodles because the ones in the noodle are sweet!

Only downside is service here can be much better, its rude when the staff ignores or isn’t helpful when it comes to collecting our order.

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