Decided to pop by to try Takeshi-san as I remembered seeing quite a bit of publicity on it on social media. Plus, Burpple has a 1-for-1 sushi roll deal here so why not.

They have a $5 drinks for Happy Hour 5-7pm daily as well as all-day $5/$6/$8 bar bites so we started of with those. We had the Umeshu, Suntory Highball, and the Lime Sui Gin Soda for drinks which were pretty okay for their price. As for sides, the Mozarella Sticks were lightly-battered with a nice cheese pull, made even better by the accompanying spicy sauce. Chawanmushi and Crispy Salmon Skin weren't worth it, can skip.

Now for the Burpple Sushi Rolls, you have a separate menu of 4 sushi rolls to choose from. We had the Spicy Tuna Roll and Salmon Teriyaki Roll. Honestly, nothing much to shout about; just average and I'm pretty sure they were specifically made to be costed at $10 each, otherwise I don't think it's worth $20.

We also ordered the Garlic Fried Rice with Wagyu Cubes. Fried rice was nice, lots of garlic flavours within, but there were clumps of plain white rice scattered throughout. Wagyu cubes were so-so and just forgettable - not what I would've expected from wagyu.

Furthermore, our wagyu fried rice took so long to arrive and when we got the staff to check, she told us that it was sent to the wrong table by mistake. Did no one realise or said anything? Welps, at last they gave a 30% discount for the wait time.

Overall, don't think I would return.

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