Experience the best of Japan and Thailand at your next group dinner destination, BBQ Town. In this tantalising spot, buffet begins at a bargain of RM32.80 for lunch and RM39.80 for dinner. The warmth of Japanese shabu-shabu coupled with flaming Thai BBQ is a surefire win on rainy nights, even if it means forking out a few more ringgit! Tables are equipped with their two-in-one boiler and grill, which allows you to sear your meat in the centre while any excess oil trickles down to boost the flavours of the soup and its boiling contents. Get your choice of lamb, chicken, beef, prawns or vegetables cooking, and pick up the ready-made sushi for starters! If the heaty meal gets to you, cool off with the complimentary green tea or chocolate ice cream.
Avg Price: RM35
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Ben Gee

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