Havelock Blk 50 Fried Hokkien Mee (which is in abc market instead of havelock, ironically enough) is open from 8 in the morning till 1430 in the afternoon, while the more famous Yi Sheng takes the night shift from 1600 to 2200. Makes me wonder if they’ve got some kinda gentlemen’s agreement going on...

Ah yes, the important question. Which is better? Well, Blk 50’s Hokkien mee is drier and more savoury than Yi Sheng’s, and has more wok hei. However, Yi Sheng’s chili is clearly superior, but Block 50 ain’t no slouch in the chili department either.

Taste wise, both are rather redolent & soul satisfying. The biggest difference between the two is that I didn’t have to queue a full hour for Block 50, so I might just be a little more partial to Block 50.