Came here for lunch on a Saturday. Ordered a breakfast burger, a spinach and mushroom carbonara,1 minty honey lemon tea, 1 iced tea and a burnt cheesecake.
They were pretty generous with the portion. I liked the breakfast burger very much. The burger was made up of a brioche where the filling was scrambled egg, sausages, turkey bacon and avocado. It was served with a Side - tater tots. As you bite into the burger, the fluffy scrambled eggs will ooze out or at times the avocado. Every bite into the burger is full of goodness! A pity the did not provide some sauces the tater tots would have gone well with some ketchup or Chili sauce.

The iced tea was not that great as it tasted bitter. Likely the server had let the tea steeped too long in the water. Minty honey lemon was not bad. Apparently, the ice needed to melt a little for the drink to taste good.
As for the burnt cheesecake, hmmm it was alright.

Ambience of the cafe/restaurant was nice. We could spend sometime eating and chatting without having to shout to each other to be heard.