Tucked along Yishun Industrial Street, You'll find a humble ZiChar Establishment- [@yishikitchen.sg] Situated Inside A Posh BizHub!.

It's really hard and rare for Zi Char Dishes to go wrong! Especially it's always those few dishes you can find out there! However, Chef at Yishi Kitchen went beyond and create something extra-ordinary, Being really innovative and curating dishes that you'll rarely see out there!.

Featured in Frame are Yishi's Signature Crispy Crackly Egg [$8/$12/$16] and Champagne Pork Ribs [$14]. Well, Who would actually thought of Presenting dishes like these! Ice cream on Pork Ribs? Haha! Most importantly, Flavours goes pretty well!.

Thanks @yishikitchen.sg and @sqtop for the invitation!

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