With a generous portion, the store often has long queues during the weekends. At times, they delivered and at other times, they fell short of the stick. As with most hawker stores, the quality tends to be inconsistent. I realised that it is often not worth queuing for whenever there’s a long queue as they tend to underperform. I recommend buying their noodles during the off-peak hours to be able to truly enjoy this budget meal. (S$4.00) But for the sake of reviewing, let’s review this at its best performance. The curry has the infused aroma of coconut milk and is only mildly spicy. The thickness of the broth is less savoury than I would prefer but a decent attempt, nonetheless. The store is generous in its portion: tender chicken breast, potatoes, tau pok (dried beancurd) and bean sprouts. The curry did not pack a strong flavourful punch but it was reasonable for its price and portion.

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