Ye Shang Hai 夜上海潮州粥 is located in a coffee shop with a couple of other stalls that sell individually portioned hawker food. Think fish noodles, ban mian, prawn mee, etc. So there are options for everyone should you be in a large group. But the general rule of thumb is - the more the merrier, so I'd hope everyone in the group would want to order from Ye Shang Hai to maximize the variety of dishes.

Simple comfort food. I always go for more vegetables, 'cos that's how I roll. Meats like the duck or fish bump up the price of your meal real quick, & they don't satisfy me that much so I usually give them a miss.

This portion pictured here was nice for a duo of gluttons; good variety, piping hot porridge, & not stuffed to the brim. $15 for 2 pax. More expensive than your average plate of mixed vege rice, but I'd gladly pay for the variety.