If you can only order one thing here, make it the Beef Rib Stew.

Gently simmering, the stew had a generous amount of tender beef rib, sliced oyster mushrooms, ddeokbokki, and selection of either udon or glass noodles.

The stew had a thicker consistency than regular soups with a slightly sweet, Korean soybean paste flavor. We picked spicy level 2 which gave it a nice kick, without overpowering the overall richness of the broth.

Undoubtedly, the star of the show here is the beef rib. Meltingly tender, the beef had some tendons which provided a nice, chewy, contrast in texture. Be prepared to fight for the last piece!

Damage expected: $49.90 for a double portion - comes with 2 bowls of rice. It seemed sufficient to feed 3 moderate eaters or 2 big eaters.

Pro-tip: Upgrade one portion of your rice to the Crab Meat Rice Bowl that will cost $2 less then the ala-carte price.