Super bad experience eating at this stall. My first and last at this place. Ordered noodle fry And first mouth is sour. tried the stall at Hong Lim and all other fish ball noodle stall, it’s definitely taste of Spoiled food and not the vinegar. I even ask my husband to try and verify that it’s not my taste bud.
the worst experience came, decided to bring my noodle back and let them know, after I explain to them the sourness is the noodles, the 2 China woman running the stall reply that vinegar is of course sour, told them it’s definitely not the sourness from vinegar. Waited till the customer left, told them could it be your chilli as it’s definitely it edible. TO MY HORROR, the 2 China woman laughed! Gave Me a look as if I’m ignorant and dumb! They does not show any sign of guilitiness nor remorseful even show the look of so what and ignore me totally!

All, avoid this at all cost! Bad bad bad

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