Having operated in the same spot for over 20 years, these guys are incredibly experienced, so it's no wonder their rendition of rojak is touted one of KL's best. Despite its sunny, streetside setting, the stall sees snaking queues every afternoon — you'd be wise to join the line for a quick, pocket-friendly lunch! Bring a colleague who doesn't mind roughing it out for good food. The rojak comes in several sizes, with options to add cuttlefish and egg for RM1 each. Go all out and get the one with the full works — after all, it's only RM6! The dish combining fried beancurd, prawn and dough fritters, julienned cucumber and turnip is slathered in an irresistible spicy nut sauce. It will be messily assembled, but delicious. For a perfect companion to your rojak lunch, order the Cendol (RM1.80) from the adjacent stall. It's simple but good, churned to refresh with a good balance between sweet palm sugar and rich coconut milk.
Avg price per person: RM10