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Spice up your cocktail routine at this new bar along Boat Quay, which doles out Peranakan-inspired bites and cocktails in a fun, laid-back setting — great for tipples with the girls. The people from the popular Five Ten restaurant are the same guys behind Bee Bee's, so expect the same punchy plates. The food selection is very compact, with only three items of the menu, but it changes every one to two months, so there's reason to return. For now, consider the Babi Braised ($8) topped with achar and an oozy egg, or one of two bruschetta options — the fiery Tuna Tartare Bruschetta ($7) comes spiced with basil, ginger flower and a host of other Peranakan flavours, while Auntie Mary's Bruschetta ($6) is topped with tomatoes and burrata. Pair these with beers from the tap ($8/half pint) or go for their cheeky and fun cocktails, all uplifted with the same Peranakan flavours. Try the Flora Nangka ($15) that shines with jackfruit, or the tropical-esque Sorry Not Sorry ($15), which sees a blend of bright, fruity ingredients including red dragon fruit, soursop, lime and galangal.
Avg Price: $25 with a drink
Photo by Burppler Shawn Loh