tried caffe cicheti so we wanted to try bar cicheti as well. had high expectations bc caffe cicheti was sooooo good, but we were kinda disappointed with the pastas — we ordered the tagliolini ($32) and bucatini ($30).

the tagliolini had good flavour, a hint of spice, and lots of fresh prawns. the bucatini was v e r y salty, and this is coming from a person who kinda likes salty food so… maybe the pecorino and guanciale ratio was off? 🙃 overall it was average, not mind blowing like caffe cicheti’s pasta choices.

their starters were good though, we hard the burratina ($26) and scallop crudo ($26). the burrata is very fresh and the bread they gave is so yummy and toasted to perfection. their scallops are very fresh and the mix of flavours is interesting, but we enjoyed it!

✨ ratings: 6/10 ✨