El Cerdo believes in 'nose to tail' eating when it comes to pork and what better way to perfect that craft than to eat a whole piglet? Celebrate special occasions at this Spanish restaurant with their Roasted Suckling Pig (RM188 for half). The butterflied piglet is carefully roasted, similar to Chinese-style suckling pig, until the skin turns incredibly and deliciously crisp and the meat beneath becomes moist. But the scrumptious suckling pig is not all you're paying for — your dish also comes with a unique experience of Spanish traditions. Upon order, the waiters hand you a plate with instructions to knock it three times against the wooden board. Here's where it gets fun — after using the plate to cut the pig into three parts, you get to hurl it to the floor! The ritual is said to cast out bad luck for diners — a perfect fit for birthdays.
Avg price per person: RM65
Photo by Burppler May Leong