We were figuring out the difference between this Roll and the Shrimp Rice Paper Wrap on the menu. Both come with Chef Recommendation symbols, but we decided to go with this out of curiosity as there was no accompanying description on the fillings.

Turns out that unlike the Shrimp Rice Paper Wrap that was given a full page spread on the menu, the Summer Vegetable Roll comes loaded with not only vegetables, but with two proteins - shrimp and grilled chicken. I really love The Orange Lantern’s Vietnamese grilled chicken as it’s super tender and flavourful, so now that I know that this rice paper roll comes with it, it’s going to be a no-brainer ordering this. The vegetables and herbs in the wrap are all fresh and crisp. I love the refreshing basil and mint in the wrap. The prawn wasn’t really seasoned, but it was fresh and crunchy. The grilled chicken added another layer of flavour with its lemongrass seasoning, and I think that’s really what pulled this whole wrap together. My only complaint about these rice paper rolls is that the rice paper was super sticky which made it hard to separate the rolls from each other and the chopsticks without tearing the rice paper.

Although this is an appetiser, it can also serve as a light meal for someone trying to eat healthy! The Orange Lantern is slightly pricey, but the food is good, so we keep coming back :)

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