I wish I had discovered Sushiro earlier because the quality and freshness of the fish here is great for the price they charge.

Pictured are some of my favourites; Salmon Belly Nigiri, Salmon Sashimi, Salmon Nigiri, Salmon Gunkan, Spicy Salmon & Tuna Gunkan, Vinegared Mackerel, and a limited edition plate I can’t remember the name of.

It’s a quick and fuss free meal, as the sushi arrives promptly after you order on the tablet. I like that they limit you to 4 plates per order on the tablet, so you don’t over order - you can basically only order 4 plates at a time before having to send a new order in on the tablet. The payment and billing is efficient and they have a loyalty card, where you get a stamp for every visit and redeem gifts based on the number of stamps you have.

As the title reads, it’s my go-to for a satisfying conveyor belt sushi experience and you can save time by reserving a table through their app.