[MUIS Halal Certified] Had this sometime ago, but I thought it’s worth dedicating one post to it! When TP Tea opened, it seemed like they knew they would drown in the Singapore mainstream food scene if they didn’t have an edge.

Hence, they went above and beyond to make themselves stand out in two ways - by getting the MUIS Halal Certification AND by having bubble tea softserves (with boba) on their menu. They have since cemented themselves as one of the go-tos by the halal abangs and kakaks for bubble tea. Where other types of people are concerned, they also appear to have successfully bagged the foodie crowd who are on the hunt for the newest grubs. 🙋‍♂️🧕

The Pearl Milk Tea Softserve ($4.60) is unmistakably black milk tea in taste and finds itself in the middle of creamy and icy, texture-wise. If I do remember correctly, the bobas did harden after awhile as it succumbs to the frigid temperature of the softserve. Personally though, I didn’t find it disruptive to the experience. 😋

But well, aside from the occasional brainfreeze this also gave me, this was certainly a new, yet still familiar, way to enjoy the classic Taiwanese treat. I don’t mind going back for it again! (7.4/10)