Always wanted to try out their food and i finally made it. Please make reservations in advanced because they are always crowded and luckily, they accept walk ins. However, subjected to seat availability.

I did not manage to make a reservation in advance but thankfully, the staff was kind enough to accept us in. My friend and i were informed that there was a seat indoors however the next reservation would arrive in 45 mins. We agreed and consumed our food within 45 mins. Of course, we were offered the outdoor seating too but it was too humid. The outdoor area was surrounded by the walls and there was not much fan, so it was quite hot. Actually, their indoor seating was not that cooling and not much seats either.

My friend and i ordered the Scallop and Cold Pasta ($22), Kookoo V2 ($22), white coffee (8oz - $5.50) and white cold brew ($9). The pasta was delicious. First time trying a cold pasta and i must say, the truffle taste and aroma was the main component that made the food tasty. Kookoo V2 was nice too, love the rosti. Even though it was placed on top of other mushy and wet ingredients, the rosti remained crispy. All the other ingredients put together made the dish complete. The coffee drinks was nothing fancy.

I noticed they do not offer much meat items. Perhaps, they focused more on vegetables and healthy eating. I wanted to try the mac and cheese croquettes, unfortunately it was sold out. Actually many of their food items were sold out by 2pm? That was quite disappointing. The alcoholic drinks menu was not extensive but the name of their drinks intrigued me. However, due to time constrain, i was not able to try it. Including their desserts. Overall, I'd rate a 6.5/10. Nice try!