Got their treasures trove gift set with 4 Hokkien Rice Bak Zhang with Salted Egg Yolk, 4 Nyonya Bak Zhang, 5 sweet bean Ang Ku Kueh and 5 Green Tea Ang Ku Kueh! The gift set is packed beautifully packaged and perfect for gifting.

The Hokkien Rice Bak Zhang is super flavourful with a very pronounced and rich mushroom taste and inside has got the most tender chuncks of meat.

My personal favourite is the Nyonya Bak Zhang! Each bite was filled with a satisfying amount of delicious meat 😋

The size of these Bak Zhangs is no joke one can easily fill one person.

The texture of the Ang Ku Kueh's skin is pleasantly chewy without sticking to your teeth, reminiscent of mochi. The fillings are not overly sweet, and the Green Tea Ang Ku Kueh was a delightful surprise! loved it! 🥰