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I found it fascinating that the tau pok gets grilled, what’s more over charcoal to get the crisp and aromatic char. At this Tiong Bahru Market stall, you can either be healthy and get just a few pieces of the tow kwar pop with some fruits for $3, or indulge in a rojak set for $4 or $5 portions.
I like that the grilled tao pok is more pillowy than usual. The addition of fresh red apple was welcoming since most stalls use green apple for the tart flavour, but my tastebuds favour sweet.
Confession: I only want to eat the fried youtiao (dough fritters) inside a rojak. I mean yeah sure I’ll take a few pieces of the turnip and nibble on the green mango or pineapple, but only to hide that I’m sneaking all the youtiao into my mouth - also easier when everything is (should be) drenched in the dark prawn sauce so ingredients are indistinguishable. The best part about this plate for me was surprisingly not the youtiao, but the thin crispy crackers, something I’ve never had in rojak before and it’s way better than fried youtiao which isn’t always sold crispy. Likely to be a healthier alternative too.
You may be slightly disappointed that this rojak doesn’t have that much prawn sauce drizzled on, even though they gave a bit extra on a separate saucer. Healthier choice label? 😝 #Burpple
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