⭕️Nicely seasoned steak all sliced up for u
⭕️They nailed the doneness of the steak
⭕️Topped with melted swiss raclette 🧀 YUMS
⭕️Generous portion of cheese (all covered)

❌they served everyone who ordered this dish together - its fine~ BUT, they only have 1 drum of cheese and flaming the cheese takes time. By the time it was my turn, my steak was no longer warm 😐
❌steak was not full cut thru and probably angled too much - had to flip open to cut thru & the middle pieces were mostly covered by the top slices and thus didnt get much of the cheese cux by the time I realised, i gobbled up the piece woth heaps of cheese on it (shiok)

💸 $24.90

Verdict: 😊it would definitely be nicer if i didnt have to wait so long for my raclette to melt onto my steak. Its yummy stuff at a slightly less atas price...
(Halal cafe: a pleasant place for a multiracial gathering)

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