Beigelhaus++ is a newly opened Muslim-owned bagel joint in the CBD.

We tried a couple of their signature bagels - The Corned Cow ($14) and The Pink Loxy ($16). The bagels had a really nice chewy texture and are all freshly made in-house (including the ingredients too)! Flavour-wise we preferred The Corned Cow, as we thought the ingredients (corned beef brisket, gherkins & yellow mustard) worked harmoniously well together. The Pink Loxy was not bad, but would’ve preferred if the cured salmon were sliced thinner. We also tried their Kombu Butter Schmear Bagel ($6), and this was really shiok! The kombu butter spread was so fragrant and such a flavour bomb!

They will be adding some new bagels & beverages to their menu from 6 May 2022 onwards. We got a sneak preview of a couple of new beverages - Sour Burst and The Passion ($5.50 each). Both are really refreshing, but I enjoyed the Sour Burst more!

✨ Overall Rating: 3.7/5
🏷 Beigelhaus++
📍 #01-02/03, 144 Robinson Rd, Singapore 068908
⏰ Mon-Thurs: 8am to 6pm, Fri: 8am to 8pm & Sat: 10am to 5pm